Shielded Rooms


    In our Shielded Rooms 1 and 2, we perform conducted emissions and immunity tests, specifically for electronic sub-assemblies with high or very specific requirements regarding immunity or high-voltage.

    Data Sheet Shielded Rooms 1 and 2

    In our Shielded Room 3, we perform conducted emissions and immunity tests for industrial appliances and components, particularly for the manufacturing area and the rail industry. We also test larger test objects and vehicles in our test areas 1 and 2.

    Data Sheet Shielded Room 3

    In addition, our Shielded Room 4 is used for measuring the shielding effectiveness of high-voltage cables and plugs (twin-lead cable procedures).

    Data Sheet Shielded Room 4

    Our Shielded Room 5 is used for various research and development projects revolving around EMC. 

    Data Sheet Shielded Room 5

    Courtesy of Leopold Kostal GmbH & Co. KG

    Test areas

    Test area 1 - Measuring Station for interference immunity AC charching of electronic vehicels

    Test area 1 - Measuring Station for System Pertubations of electronic vehicels


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