180 kW DC at your full disposal

EMC-neutral charging station and vehicle simulation with a charging capacity of 180 kW DC.

With this high-performance DC source and sink, we can perform tests for vehicles and DC charging stations in the anechoic chamber and at our measuring stations with a charging capacity of up to 180 kW in DC charging mode.


Extensive test spectrum for

As of revision 04 of UNECE Regulation No. 10, an EMC assessment of the charging operation of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids is mandatory in order to successfully perform vehicle homologation. In this context, the charging options of the vehicles are decisive in determining the required scope of testing and the specific equipment needed to carry it out.

The DC charging station emulator (also DC Emulator, DCE) in combination with a communication simulator (CDS) takes over all relevant functions of a charging station without having any influence on the EMC behavior. With the available charging power, electrified commercial and transport vehicles, as well as agricultural and construction machinery, can of course also be tested.

The DCE offers various technical solutions and benefits, such as:

  • High charging capacity: For vehicles with an electric powertrain, the DCE can provide a charging capacity of up to 180 kW. For capacities above 180kW we can impose a limit to conduct the tests.
  • Various plug configurations:
    A European CCS type 2 charging cable is available. Soon, we will also have the CHAdeMO and GB/T systems at our disposal.
  • Immune to interference and low in emissions: Due to the EMC-optimised design, inaccurate results of emission measurements and radiated interference tests are highly unlikely.
  • Communication log:  Through various logging options, an analysis of the communication is possible.
  • Flexible use: The system can be used at different measuring stations to perform radiated and conducted tests.

As a designated technical service provider for the approval authorities KBA and RDW, we offer solutions for your type-approval, also in cases in which standards require charging capacities above the maximum capacity of the DCE.

Please contact us for further information.

Charging stations with a capacity higher than 170 kW can be tested for compliance with the EMC Directive in cooperation with the Notified Body EMC.

In these cases, we follow a hybrid approach consisting of EMC component tests, subsystem tests, and on-site tests.

The vehicle emulator emulates all relevant functions of a vehicle. The communication system of the emulator can be set-up in the anechoic chamber without affecting EMC performance. The energy sink is located outside of the chamber and is EMC decoupled via the room filter.

The vehicle emulator meets the highest technical standards and offers various benefits:

  • High charging capacity: The vehicle emulator has a maximum capacity of 180 kW (maximum charging voltage 1000 V, maximum charging current 300 A). In the operation mode 80 % charging capacity, it can be used for DC charging stations up to 170 kW.For higher capacities we can impose a limit to conduct the tests.
  • Different plug configurations: A charging inlet for the European CCS type 2 is available. Soon, we will also have the Japanese CHAdeMO and the Chinese GB/T systems at our disposal.
  • Immune to interference and low in emissions:Since alle components of the vehicle emulator are EMC-optimised, inaccurate results due to emissions or the emulation being affected by EMC radiated interference are highly unlikely.
  • Flexible use: The system can be used at different measuring stations. Therefore, we can perform radiated tests in our big anechoic chamber and conducted tests at our charging measuring station in compliance with the standards.

EMI DC Charging of Electric Vehicels

EMI DC Charging Station

Measuring Station for Interference Immunity - DC Charging Station

180 kW DC! Our EMC-neutral vehicle and charging station emulator literally has a lot of power.“

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