Approved and Certified

    Accreditations, approvals, and recognitions prove we use official and standardised test methods. Our devices are always calibrated and the assessment results reproducible and independent. Our clients can rest assured that the test results are internationally recognised.

    EMC Test NRW is furthermore authorised by a multitude of automotive manufacturers and suppliers to conduct EMC tests that meet their individual specifications.

    All OEMs, like Audi, BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, and Porsche as well as many foreign OEMs (such as Ford, Volvo, GM, PSA, JLR or Renault) accept our test results and reports.

    List of Accreditations, Approvals, and References
    EMC Test Laboratory OEM
    acceptance Daimler
    e.g. MBN 10284-2 (2019) Daimler
    EMC Test Laboratory OEM
    acceptance BMW
    e.g. BMW GS 95002-2 (2019) BMW
    EMC Test Laboratory OEM
    acceptance Renault / Nissan
    e.g. Renault 36-00-808/--N (2016)
    and similar specifications by Nissan
    Renault /  Nissan
    EMC Test Laboratory OEM
    acceptance PSA
    e.g. PSA B21 7110 E (2015) PSA
    EMC Test Laboratory OEM
    acceptance Volvo
    e.g. Volvo Cars (VCC) REQ043878/2
    and further PRDs




    EMC Test Laboratory Standards in the flexible scope Standards in flexible scope (issue Q4-2021) DAkkS
    Area Description Document ID Institution
    EMC Test Laboratory Accreditation pursuant to

    D-PL-12012-01-00 (Certificate)

    D-PL-12012-01-00 (Scope)


    Technical service Recognition KBA-P 00060-97 KBA
    Notified body EMC Recognition BNetzA-bS-07/61-03/3 BNetzA
    Technical service Recognition RDWT-CLD-03 RDW
    EMC Test Laboratory OEM recognition

    WEB publication

    e.g. Ford FMC1278 3rd
    Edition (2018), Ford
    FMC1280 1st Edition

    EMC Test Laboratory OEM Recognition
    GMW3097 (2019) GM
    EMC Test Laboratory OEM
    acceptance VW
    e.g. VW TL81000 (2018) VW


    DAkkS      National Accreditation Body, Berlin (– National accreditation body

    BNetzA     German Federal Network Agency (

    KBA          Federal Motor Transport Authority (

    RDW        Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer, Netherlands (


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