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EMC Test NRW is one of the leading independent and accredited EMC test laboratories in Europe. We offer EMC testing for products which are subject to the German EMC Law or manufacturer’s specifications.

Within the scope of CE marking, we assess a product’s compatibility with the harmonisation legislation of the European Economic Area. We are officially designated as technical service provider for testing vehicles and vehicle components by the German Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (Federal Motor Transport Authority / KBA). Furthermore, we are a Notified Body as defined by the German EMC Law, which also finds solutions for standard-related special cases, for example, if there are no harmonised standards or if the test conditions need to be adapted to the test specimen or environment.

Particularly if there are extraordinary challenges—which involve more than simple testing—our experienced staff and our first-class test capabilities offer special solutions.

Besides, our clients benefit from their personal project manager. This is how we create efficiency and transparency, from prototype to final approval and beyond.

EMC Test NRW has always been an autonomous and independent company with a well-balanced shareholder structure which guarantees our impartiality.

Your products are becoming increasingly complex, and we accept the arising EMC challenges."

Jörg Bärenfänger
Managing Director

Statement by Jörg Bärenfänger

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