Failed the EMC Test?

We can help you!

Our Engineering and our Research & Development Teams have in-depth knowledge of various EMC issues. And this is your benefit.

Providing ad hoc disturbance suppression in our laboratory is just one of our specialties; we also offer well-planned, coordinated and therefore cost-optimised EMC-related development support.

An efficient team

It is not possible to “test EMC compliance into a product”, it needs to be taken into account right from the start of the development phase. We provide essential support for every step of the process: from the specification to the design and implementation phase to test preparation, testing and certification.

Your developers and our experienced specialists make up an efficient team with our comprehensive EMC test capacities at their disposal.

In the event of a negative test result, we will be by your side."

Norbert Sprang
Head of Acquisition


Verena Goldbach

electromagnetic compatibility

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