The Project

For every project, we offer solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. However, for the actual testing, we work with standardised procedures. This is how we ensure that all requirements regarding testing and measurement reproducibility are taken into account and that there is a holistic approach to the entire project.

The Project Manager Principle

From start to end of the project, our clients always have the same responsible contact person regarding all technical issues. The project manager works in close cooperation with our experts who perform all partial tests at our test facilities. Your benefit? Our project manager sees the bigger picture and can therefore think out of the box.

If, over time, a client requests our services for various projects, we will always assign them to the same project manager. This is how our project managers always keep an overview of all projects. Besides, they develop a profound understanding of the client’s products and both sides can cooperate on an equal footing.

At the beginning, every project needs careful planning. If there is no specified test plan, we work according to the respective product standards. If there are none, according to generic standards.

For automotive industry products, we use the test plans which the manufacturers provide. If necessary, we discuss with our client’s client how to implement the requirements in the best possible way.

On request, we provide support for designing individual test plans or even draw them up ourselves on behalf of our client.

Before measuring, our project manager, who coordinates the project with the Engineering Department and the laboratory, puts everything into operation. This is where we show our highly developed skills in integrating, monitoring, and assessing overly complex products: Thanks to our vast experience, we adapt the test environment, so it corresponds exactly to the circumstances under which the test specimen is supposed to work.

For the measuring procedure, we use our self-developed "Test Process Manager", a software platform to monitor all system parameters of the product. The tool generates data which allow us to conduct further and more profound product analyses. This is how we identify when and where issues occurred.

Test reports are a record of our measuring and test results. On request, we issue our test reports according to standardised, formal guidelines or according to individual requirements, as we did in the case of the so-called “Max Analyses” for BMW.

With us, you are just three steps away from your test result."

Marc Maarleveld
Head of Project Management & Technical Service


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