Mission Statement

    Trust / Partnership / Fairness


    People and the relationship we build with them are our top priority. Our relationships are shaped by trust, respect, and dignity, with a strong focus on everybody’s wellbeing. Working together as partners and fair treatment are the foundation of a mutually beneficial and successful cooperation.

    Quality / Quantity / Flexibility


    25 years of expertise and thousands of projects in various areas have shown that we provide target-oriented, flexible, and effective solutions for the benefit of our clients—every day. The engineering mindset is in our blood and makes people and projects succeed.

    Future / Innovation


    We invest in the future by investing in the expertise of our team and in our test capabilities. Due to this approach, we claim technological leadership in our field. We attach great value to long-time relationships with our clients, current and former staff members, and every business partner because we also want to cooperate with them in the future.


    Emil-Figge-Str. 76 • 44227 Dortmund
    Phone: +49 231 99967 850