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17.01.2024 | Unternehmen

The first in Europe: FMC 1280 High Voltage

Ford Motor Company has granted EMC Test NRW GmbH the FMC 1280 High Voltage approval - the first and so far only laboratory in Europe to do so.

The recognition by Ford expands the test portfolio of EMC Test NRW and enables it to fulfil even more specific customer requirements within the strict Ford specifications.

DThe FMC 1280 contains the electromagnetic compatibility requirements for HV components in electric vehicles (PHEV, BEV) that are active during the charging process on AC or DC chargers. The test methods include the radiated area (RI & RE) for the operating modes during the charging process and conducted tests on the harness to the charging infrastructure. Specifically, for interference immunity, these are high-frequency interference (BCI), fast transients (burst) and surge voltages. In the area of conducted interference emissions, high-frequency interference, harmonic currents and flicker are measured. In the Ford nomenclature, the methods from FMC 1280 are labelled with an "H", e.g. RE 320H. FMC 1280 must always be used as a supplement to FMC 1278. As with the LV components, a test plan must also be drawn up for the HV components before testing and approved by the Ford Motor Company.

For EMC Test NRW and the Dortmund site, it underlines the claim to be a leader in EMC testing technology, expertise and equipment, emphasises Managing Director Ema Ziga: "We are very proud to be the first European laboratory to be recognised by the Ford Motor Company for the very challenging FMC 1280 specification. It confirms our course of being able to meet the increasingly complex electrification in vehicle construction and industry at eye level or one step ahead."

If you have any questions, please contact the customer service team at EMC Test NRW GmbH.